Searching for Remnants in the Southwest of the City

The presence of US occupation forces in Berlin from 1945 to their withdrawal in 1994 made a profound impression on the cityscape and on the lives of the population. Particularly in the southwest of the city, the heart of the former American Sector, tens of thousands of Americans left their traces behind over a period of five decades.

Soldaten des 6. US-Infanterieregiments bei einer Feldübung im Grunewald, 1959.
Soldaten des 6ten US-Infanterieregiments bei einer Feldübung im Grunewald, 1959.

Discover it on your own or take a tour

An interactice map names and indicates locations with a strong American reference in the expanded perimeter of the former US Headquarters, inviting visitors to (re)discover nearly forgotten properties belonging to the US forces and learn how they were utilized. These sites are made accessible and visible with the help of previously unpublished historical image, audio, and video material from the Cold War era.

A tour links a small selection of these attractions into a guided walk. Here you can experience not only sites of American culture and lifestyle, but also military facilities and meeting places between Germans and Americans.

Enjoy your quest!

Additional Offers

As a companion to this website, the book “The Americans in Divided Berlin: Searching for Remnants in the Southwest of the City,” which appears in the “Historic Places” series published by Ch. Links Verlag, presents additional central sites of German-American contemporary history in Berlin.

The Allied Museum on Clayallee also offers its “Little America” neighborhood walk through the former US residential development on Huettenweg.





The Project

This website is the result of the cooperative project “Americans in Southwest Berlin,” which has been created together with the following partners: AlliiertenMuseum, Regionalmanagement Berlin Südwest, Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf, visitBerlin.